2.1 (2020-12-01)

Changed (1 change)

  • Replace negative margin CSS with appropriate Bootstrap classes mr-n*/ml-n* (available from Moodle 3.8).

2.0 (2020-12-01)

Changed (5 changes)

  • Replace most of the CSS classes with Bootstrap.
  • Move specific CSS to the styles.css.
  • Renderer logic to the output classes with .mustache templates.
  • System of plugin versioning.
  • Popover redesign (including grade to pass setting).

Fixed (5 changes)

  • Responsive design fixes.
  • Show only groups of which non-editing teacher is a part.
  • Getting students for the grading table.
  • Hide grade items with “deletion in progress” from the grading table.
  • State when the grading table is empty (without students and/or without grade items).

Security (1 change)

  • Secure form processing.

Removed (2 changes)

  • Course format styles.css selectors (they are a part of core styles).
  • mforms classes (replaced with single select component).

Added (7 changes)

  • Last modified information in the grade item popover.
  • Grade max. in the grade item popover.
  • Support formatting of grade value, e.g. B- (80%).
  • Ability to change Passed and Failed label’s texts.
  • New licence and
  • Help link from the grading table to the plugin directory page.
  • Code documentation.

Other (5 changes)

  • Use core/notification instead of own renderer function.
  • Refactor grade items sorting.
  • Use existing core capabilities.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Code formatting.


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